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1001 Traits for items in inventory

A trait is a distinguishing characteristic of an item or a group of items. Traits are defined and used in inventory like lot numbers. They can be up to 12 spaces wide and alphanumeric. Each item in inventory can have up to two traits assigned to it.

Example - A Tee shirt manufacturer might use lots to identify styles, one trait to track colors, and a second trait to select sizes. Lot numbers and traits allow you to build a matrix of choices using only ONE item number!

Since traits are in essence, lot numbers, another important function is that they can serve as an extension of the lot number size. Therefore, you could have lot numbers up to 36 spaces wide.

Lastly, while we have named them Trait 1 and Trait 2 it is certainly easy enough to modify ALERE to call them anything you desire. Such as Size and Color.